The Ultimate Kids’, Women’s, and Men’s Sports Gear You Need This Year

The Ultimate Kids’, Women’s, and Men’s Sports Gear You Need This Year

One of the positive impacts of 2020’s craziness is that more people have been getting active outdoors. Whether you’re an NCAA athlete, taking up a new sport for fun, or going for a run with the dog, we’ve seen a huge movement towards activity and exercise for kids, teens, college students, and adults. If you’re trying out a new sport recreationally or looking to upgrade a club sport you already love, getting the right gear is the first step to taking your game to the next level.


What sports gear do you need to elevate your 2021 athletics? 

1. Tumbler 

Drink. More. Water. A tumbler is first on the list of necessary sports gear because everyone needs to remember to stay hydrated. Drinking water may help enhance exercise performance, reduce the likelihood of physical injury (by lubricating the joints), boost energy, improve memory and mood, reduce headaches and fatigue, maintain blood pressure, make nutrients more bio-accessible, and a lot of other physical and mental benefits. If you play a sport, staying hydrated is the best way to ensure you stay healthy before, during, and after game time. 

If you struggle to drink enough water during the day, get yourself a school-spirited tumbler. Your tumbler will show off your pride for your team while keeping water always on hand. If you have water readily accessible, you’re more likely to drink it. Plus, a reusable tumbler reduces waste and is better for the environment. Tumblers are not just for keeping your water cold, they’re also great for iced coffee, tea, and any other hot or cold drink you want on you at all times. Browse the logo tumblers we offer to find one that suits your style!


2. Lanyard with detachable buckle 

Whether you’re hitting the gym, going to class, or heading downtown to a festival, a lanyard keychain with your school colors is a hands-free way to keep your valuables nearby. Clip your money, keys, and swipe cards to the end of the lanyard, and then use the detachable buckle for quick removal if you need to put your keys in the ignition or swipe your way into a building on campus.


These lanyards are a great way to keep track of your essentials while you’re at practice, on a run, or working out at the gym. Check out our best selling lanyards here to find your school’s two-tone color scheme with screen printed team name and logo. 


3. Protective gear for sports

Make sure you’re wearing safety and protective gear at all times, even if you’re playing the sport recreationally. Whether it’s a mouth guard for a contact sport or helmets and knee pads for rollerblading, you need to prioritize your physical health. If you get injured, it could prevent you from playing your sport—or worse! Any and every sport (even individual and non-contact sports) can be dangerous, so do what you can to protect yourself. A quick Google search of the protective gear for your sport can point you in the right direction to make sure you’re taking care of yourself while staying active.


4. Massage roller

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Treat yourself to an incredible recovery with a massage roller that helps stretch and soothe your muscles after a good sweat session. There are a lot of different types of massagers out there, from foam rollers to cool and vibrating balls to muscle scrapers. Even something as simple as this Walmal muscle therapy tool can do the trick! You’ll want to do some research to find the best kind of foam roller or muscle massager for your particular recovery and stretching needs. 


Learn how to properly use a foam roller for recovery with this video


5. Compression socks

Another must-have recovery gear for sports is a pair of compression socks. After a tough training session, compression socks can help soothe your muscles and speed up recovery. They’re designed to reduce swelling (even before swelling hits) so you don’t get pain and inflammation. These socks are also used for those with particular medical conditions like clotting disorders, diabetes, and circulatory problems to keep blood flowing in the legs—and that blood flow is critical after a workout, too! Learn more about compression socks to see if they’d be a good part of your recovery routine. 

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6. Hip pack

Fanny packs might be out, but sleek hip packs are trendy, especially for 2021. They hold a little more than a lanyard can, like your phone and headphones, but they still keep your goods tight to your body, safe from loss and theft. If you don’t want to carry something on your hip, you can also check out arm and wrist bands to hold your phone and keys while you’re working out. 


7. Basketball shorts

Basketball shorts are for more than just basketball. They’re easy, go-to sports gear for any sort of athlete or gym-goer. Campus Colors offers team-embossed basketball and rally shorts that make working out effortless and stylish. Our NCAA replica retro shorts are especially popular. Just throw on some shorts and you’re ready to work out, go to class, hit up a big game tailgate, or get your game on with friends.

8. Sweatshirts

Most of us wear sweatshirts as a fashion statement nowadays, but they were originally used to help sweat while staying warm (hence the name “sweatshirts”). Working out in a sweatshirt can still have a lot of health and performance benefits, whether you’re going for a jog or staying warm playing basketball outside in the winter. Want a cool sweatshirt? Browse our sweatshirts here to find your school and team for a cozy, trendy look.  


Sweatshirts can help you warm up in the cold and also help you warm up faster before a workout. This sweatshirt warmth can help keep your muscles and joints warm during your workout, which may improve performance and lower your risk of injury. Sweatshirts also promote sweating while working out, which can help release toxins from your body.


You should not use sweatshirts for weight loss as that practice is unhealthy and can be very dehydrating. You’re just sweating out water, which is not the same thing as burning fat. When used safely, sweatshirts are super comfy for working out compared to a lot of the traditional tight, constricting athleisure wear. 


P.S. Sweating a lot will make you dehydrated, so be sure to have your water tumbler with you!


9. Yoga mat

Yoga is great for athletes. Not only is yoga an athletic feat itself, but the practice can also be an incredible cross-training supplement for other athletic plans. Yoga’s benefits for athletes include increased core strength, enhanced flexibility and range of motion (which helps reduce risk of injury), augmented balance, burning calories, relieving training boredom, and more. Yoga practice also helps teach deep breathing, which can improve concentration and reduce anxiety—both in athletics as well as school, work, and other activities. 


So, get yourself a yoga mat and take a class or watch a guided YouTube video. You may end up falling in love with this relaxing, good-for-you exercise! Check out some of the best yoga mats of 2021 here.


Sports gear for 2021

Staying active is healthy for your body and mind. With the right gear, whether it’s as simple as a sweatshirt or as advanced as a cryotherapy massage roller, you can consistently take your recreational or club sports to the next level. Where will you take your athletics in 2021? 

Start browsing sports gear by school here to bring your game to the next level.  

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